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    Margaret Killen

    Native: Art and Design With Australian Natives
    Kate Herd and Jela Ivankovic-Waters

    “Australia has long been known as home to the towering gum and the gnarly banksia. Australian natives are as emblematic as they are adaptable but Native takes an old subject (Australian natives) and gives it a complete makeover. This book surveys the ways native trees, shrubs, flowers and foliage can be put to surprising and beautiful uses by some of the most creative people working with plants today.

    Interviews with celebrated landscape designers, artists and gardeners – including Fiona Brockhoff, Janet Laurence and Tracey Deep – bring to light so many ways to celebrate the sculptural natives that shape our everyday spaces.

    This richly illustrated book is the ideal source when seeking the perfect feature plant for a space of any size. With stunning photography of gardens old and new, this book captures the most creatively inspiring Australian plants and the people who work with them.”

    Thames and Hudson
    Illustrated in colour throughout
    253 x 203 mm
    192pp HB
    ISBN 978 0 500 501023

    An inspiring discussion on new ways to look at and use Australian native plants by loosening past attachments and breaking preconceived ideas.
    ABC Radio National – Blueprint for living presenter Jonathan Green describes it as an”eye opening book”

    Margaret Killen

    David Boyer

    Looks to be a great book. Garden Drum has an in-depth review of it.

    The authors have another book, Field Guide to Useful Native Plants from Temperate Australia, which is being reprinted, although copies appear to be available from Booktopia.
    A review of the book from CSIRO states “More than 600 colour photos and drawings for ease of identification, as well as maps of local and Australia-wide distributions. Information on a wide range of uses for native plants as food, fibre and medicines, including notes on preparation. The result of a 15-year fieldwork partnership photographing, describing and using plants from the temperate eco-region of south-eastern Australia. A valuable contribution to the knowledge of the native plants of south-eastern Australia.

    This guide will be of interest to people who live there and the many tourist who visit the area, as well as bushwalkers, educators, archaeologists and chefs.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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