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    David Boyer

    Gillian Ward has written “Olive Pink, Artist Activist and Gardener”, about this fascinating Hobart born lady who in later life lived in Alice Springs and tended a flora reserve that has since become the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens.

    I was particularly taken by an obituary by Sir Paul Hasluck, then Minister of the Territories, who wrote: ‘At the Arid Zone reserve Miss Pink planted trees and, with the aid of her Aboriginal helper, watered them and tended them. Each tree bore the name of some prominent citizen and if that citizen fell out of favour with her she ceased to water it. So that if the leaves of ‘Mr Archer’ were drooping and the leaves of ‘Mr Marsh’ were bright and green or ‘Mr Barclay’ was growing vigorously one knew at once what had happened in the handling of her latest request. I visited her on several occasions and could never restrain a curious glance at my tree and felt suitably gratified if I saw that ‘Mr Hasluck’ was being watered regularly.”

    I look forward to reading more about her when I obtain a copy of this book. Unfortunately, APST does not have access to any discounts for it so I will have to pay full price.

    David Boyer

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