Spring flowers page 2 now up on main site; Flora/Spring/Page 2

Hello APST Inc. Members,

please have a look at the new flora page, Spring Flowers page 2, on the Main website.

Thank you to the Members who contributed photos to these species.

Please remember to send us high quality (at least 1200 x 900 pixels, typically more than 500kB) photos of our Tasmanian flowers and plants. We try to put up pictures of  a flower, flowers, flowers and foliage or just foliage and a bush or bushes in a home garden and/or in the wild. If you are interested in helping fill the empty species slots that were on the Hobart website, please contact us and we’ll send you a list of the species yet to be covered. Send an email to admin@apstas.org.au and we’ll reply asap.

Happy viewing,

APST Admin

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